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Forbidden pics pthc

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Related post: From: Edwin Gay Newsgroups: Subject: TG:"Reverse Pickup" (magic trans) Date: Tue, 25 Oct 94 bbs kds pthc 18:39:32 -0500 Organization: Delphi ( email, 800-695-4005 voice) Lines: 148 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: messageboard pthc ukrainian pthc REVERSE PICK UP K. Moore We were sitting alone in the apartment of the beautiful, but mysterious lady who had picked me up in the bar. I had just drunk a strange drink that she laughingly said was the best potion she knew how to make. As she came back from the kitchen, she seductively opened up the top of her low-necked blouse. I immediately rose to the occasion (so to speak), and moved forward on the couch, preparing to reach for her. It was then rompl ranchi pthc that I knew something was wrong. I fell back from my position with a dizzy and slightly nauseous feeling. I found that I was almost paralyzed as the woman bent to me and stroked my cheeks with her perfect hands. 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